Bruntlett Elevator History: 




Bruntlett Elevator is truly one of the historical businesses in the town of Gowrie. Bruntlett Elevator was founded in 1886 as a location to receive and ship grain, hogs and cattle. Originally with a livestock buying station, many hogs and cattle were shipped on train "box cars" to the packing houses. One of the founders of the town of Gowrie was Ed Baumberger. He built and operated this business for many years. Ed Baumberger's daughter married E.J. Bruntlett. Ed brought E.J into the business and named the company Bruntlett Elevator. lt carries his name to this day.


ln 1957, E.G.'s son, Don Bruntlett, took over ownership and management of the elevator. ln 1942 Bruntlett Elevator took on the Purina dealership. The Purina products sold were all in bags, many at 100 lbs., and railed in from the Ralston Purina plant in Omaha. After a year, Bruntlett added US Feeds because the war effort had taken all the rail cars for use in troupe and ammunition transportation. Two years later, the rail cars returned to service and Bruntlett dropped US Feeds. Originally, grain was delivered to the elevator with horse drawn wagons, with grain being scooped off to unload.


ln 1959, Don Bruntlett took on a partner, Duane R. "Andy" Anderson. Andy was 36 years old and sold feed in the country to start and partnering with Don it the management of the elevator. Don shortly thereafter moved to Des Moines, got his brokerage license, and worked at a commodity office, still partnering in the elevator. Andy continued to actively manage the elevator.


Andy's son, Shawn, started activity in the business in 1975. In 1986 Don sold his remaining shares. In1989 Andy retired from the business. Through the years, the business has grown and facilities expanded. Shawn still is manager and sole owner of Bruntlett Elevator.


Bruntlett Elevator is the master of high service and both customer and employee care. They sell high quality Purina feeds and have been for over 75 years. With a small staff of dedicated employees, customer service and quality are the priority. Bruntlett Elevator is proud to be one of the few remaining private grain elevators in the state. Fully licensed, they take in corn year-round to be ground into feed, making hog, cattle, sheep and other livestock feeds. The finished product is hauled to the farm in bulk

trucks and trailers. They also sell bagged livestock, pet and wild bird feed.


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